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Gordon Valentine's adventures | Gallery | Me | 2016 | Lycra + handcuffs!

Lycra + handcuffs!


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Dave: on 07 August 2016

Why, oh why, do I never find any cyclists in handcuffs while I am out cycling?? :(

Nick: on 08 August 2016

Looking like something is trying to break out the side of the Lycra shorts! Loving the added handcuffs! Can I have the key??? :D

Sam: on 22 August 2016

So when are the handcuffs coming back out to play? PLEASE, PLEASE can you wear white Lycra the next time!!

BlondGuppy: on 24 August 2016

"Well, come on then! Hurry up with that key, and we can cycle to my place and have some fu... err food!"

Liam: on 01 June 2017

Love that you can see the head of your bits, out the side of the padding! SO HOT!!

Will: on 30 October 2017

Still maybe, my favourite photo!

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