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Gordon Valentine's adventures | Gallery | Me | 2013 | Wetsuit snow fun!

Wetsuit snow fun!


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Dromore: on 19 January 2013

Class picture g! The blue boots and gloves stand out well against the snow!

Was it cold! :)

Jeff: on 19 January 2013

Great pic G. That suit fits like a tight glove. The boots and gloves go great! The white snow really shows off your awesome body! Hope the suit did its job and kept your warm!

mikey: on 19 January 2013

u goddam crazy ass, its cooold outside, ur bits will

BlondGuppy: on 19 January 2013

Oh wow! Very brave of you G... a truly great picture. I hope the blueseventy kept you warm while doing these pics!

While you were having fun doing these, I was out on the bike. The temperature never got above -2c.

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