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When I am bad, I have to sleep in my cage :)


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BlondGuppy: on 14 March 2010

Good pic!
Sit!!! Good Boy!

Tom: on 07 September 2010

Hot! Hope you have been made to sleep in that cage! X

Gordon S Valentine: on 17 September 2010

Still not been made to sleep in it, hope one day I am :)

Alex: on 23 November 2010

Really want to see more of you caged.

Todd: on 23 November 2010

Iam with Alex on that one. More cage pics. Please xx

Ryan: on 25 November 2010

Next time caged while wearing the Spiderman suit, please!!

Granticle: on 22 August 2011

In what way were you bad? :p
Great Pic!

billy summer: on 28 January 2017

Finally got to see you in a black speedo.......thanks so much, I have this picture on my computer...............and it makes me extremely hot................

Felix: on 09 June 2018

Hot pic, hope you still get to spend time in that cage every once in a while. Preferably in full leather heheh

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